Laser Articulated Arms

Articulated Arm - Alban Light Systems

Manufactured from high quality components and using advanced calibration techniques, our articulated arms have a global reputation for quality, beam accuracy and stability and reliability.

Articulating arms have a number of key advantages.

  • very low power losses
  • no effects of dispersion
  • no coherence length restrictions
  • no bend radius limitations.
  • very low operator forces for precise use as the mass is balanced.
  • easily designed for co-axial beams of differing wavelengths
  • no laser beam to fibre coupling reflected power losses
  • enclosed beam protects the operator
  • beam optics protected from environmental contamination¬†

flexible mechanisms for the delivery of laser energy

Feature Details
Overall Length
Typically 1-3 m, shorter and longer versions available on request
Clear aperture
Number of joints / mirrors
5, 6 or 7, other options available on request
Mirror dimensions
25 x 3mm or 25 x 6mm for 16mm clear aperture
UV to IR wavelengths according to customer requirement
Flange type
to customer requirement
Balance mechanism
counterweight optional spring balance
Distal Connector
to customer requirement
high quality aluminium joints, connectors etc., smooth rotating bearings, high stiffness carbon fibre tubes
Colour / finish
Decorative Black Anodised or any colour in RAL scale. Range of gloss and matt
Focussing Optics
In arm collimation, relay optics , custom optics
Beam Accuracy (on typical 1.6m arm)
position; +/-0.25mm, angle; +/-0.25mrad
Beam optics
application specific optics to focus, modify, scan the beam can be designed into the arm
Mounting Block
Arm mounts with laser input flange and mirror optics available

stock arms for quick delivery

1730mm mechanical reach arms are available ex-stock

  • 6 or 7 mirror
  • 532nm wavelength